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About Australian Orthodox Funerals

We have been providing funerals for over 18 years, over that time we have looked after and cared for countless families. We have provided simple private funerals to extravagant large funerals and everything in-between. We believe that a funeral is an expression of you, and we dedicate ourselves to going above and beyond to make everything as 

We are dedicated to providing a dignified, respectful funeral for your loved one. Our staff will work closely with you to ensure that your requirements are met and the wishes of your loved one are respected. 
We also provide comfort and reassurance at such a difficult and distressing time.
As a funeral service that specialises in Orthodox funerals, we will guide you through the requirements of the Orthodox faith.

We are the only PAN Orthodox service Company in Australia. We look forward to assisting you to create one last personal memory and farewell your loved one in a meaningful and dignified manner.


Our Heritage


Our Team is made up of people with all different backgrounds. Greek, Serbian, Russian and more. Our foundation is in the Greek Orthodox faith; however, we cater to all Eastern Orthodox services

Our Staff


Our Staff are what make our organisation what it is. We are one large family, and we believe that every person who comes to us is family, and we treat them accordingly. We believe that everyone deserves the treatment, respect and dignity. We want to be treated that way when we pass away, so we treat you that way.

Our Facilities

We have a small chapel, used mostly for viewings and small services, sits around 30-45 people.

We have the best embalmer in Australia working with us,

We use the best coffins and florists in Australia, providing and supplying us with the greatest touches for your or your loved one's funeral. 

Our Community


Our community is the heart and soul of this business, we are all active members of the church, local community, sporting and activity groups. We are here for the community, as the community has been there for us.

We are heavily involved in the charity, Our Daily Bread in Melbourne's Coburg.

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