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Your Choice Of Funeral

Over the 18 plus years of service to the community, we have provided funerals to people across all religions, and we have supported people all along the grief process. We are open to all requests and will do our best to try and fulfil these request because after all, it's your funeral. 
We have been there for the community. Furthermore, we provide funerals to all at a cheaper and fairer price than the competition, as we feel honesty and compassion brings us closer to God. 

Funeral Services


Thanks to our strong ties with the community and years of experience, we have connections with the majority of churches across Victoria.

We have the running of services well and truly under control, so you don't have to worry about that and can focus on sending your loved one off. 


We Specialise in:

Greek Orthodox
Russian Orthodox
Serbian Orthodox
Romanian Orthodox
Macedonian Orthodox
Lebanese Orthodox
Assyrian Orthodox
Coptic Orthodox 


Our Funeral package for a traditional funeral is $7,700.

We have served our community for years, and we understand the burden of a funeral. We have priced our funerals at a very affordable level.



We can publish obituaries in the following papers:
Neos Kosmos. 
The Herald Sun.
The Age.


We can also post to interstate and even international media outlets



Australian Orthodox Funerals is the only registered repatriation funeral company in Australia that is 100% registered and certified by ALL Orthodox churches.

Alternative Funerals


We understand that everyone sees their spiritual connection differently and may not want the traditional service, we can and do cater to those wishes. 

Viewings / Trisagion  


The Trisagion is a vigil service, usually performed at the Church the night before the funeral. If the family wish, the Trisagion may be performed at our funeral home and a private viewing may also be arranged at our funeral home.
The casket may be open or closed during the Trisagion before the funeral. Our modern chapel facilities can cater for up to 30 guests

Honouring Life


All life is precious, and we treat every person that we meet with respect and compassion. That is the right thing to do by you and by God. 

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