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You Are Not Alone

Everyone we meet is grieving, everyone experiences grief differently. What matters is that we all hurt. Everyone has lost somebody, and it will never get easier, but you will develop a way in which to process grief. 

Remember no mater what you have God there to help you along your path of healing. God's love embraces our departed and will reunite us once again. 

What is grief?


The experience of grief can sometimes be very intense. Some people feel as though they are 'going mad' as grief affects the whole of our being and can leave us feeling out of control and overwhelmed. We need to give ourselves and others permission to grieve and be patient when the process seems to be taking what we consider to be a long time.

-Beyond Blue

The grieving process


Grief is expressed in many ways, and there is no specific timeline for the experience. Most people become aware that life will never be the same as it was, and in time learn to integrate the reality of the loss into their lives. Eventually, the loved one who died can become part of life in a new way.

Over time, the pain should get less. Most people start to recognise they are having more frequent and longer times when they feel more energy and hope. They may notice their memories are not as painful for as long, although this pain may never go away altogether.

Grief counselling


When you fell like you can go no further and the grief has overcome you. Or you feel expressing your sorrow. There are many trained grief counsellors who can help you with your grief. 

If you think this is something you or a loved one would be interested or in need of these services, we would be more than happy to point you towards some of our trusted counsellors.

Helping yourself heal


Identifying and coming to terms with the loss of a loved one is by far the hardest part; but once you have come to terms with this, you can start to focus more on you and your healing process.  

With so much focus on the loved one who has departed this world, we are often open to letting ourselves down and not looking after ourselves adequately. Now is the time to spend some more time looking after yourself, getting slowly back into the habit of day to day life. 

Accepting a loss


Asides from the initial bombardment of feelings that come from the loss of a loved one, the hardest part of the grieving process is the acceptance and sadly this process takes its time. Getting through the stages of grief to the point of acceptance can sometimes be a quick process, or it can take as long as months or years. This is by no means a reflection of how much you loved someone, or even how much you cared for them. Everyone deals with grief in their own way.  

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