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We here at Australian Orthodox funerals believe that honesty and respect are pinnacles of our service. We don't believe in hidden costs or fees. So, we have put together a package that encompasses all aspects of a traditional Orthodox funeral at one fixed cost. 

You can customise as much or as little as you would like. This is the basic, essentials of an Orthodox funeral.

Elegant Richmond Coffin

Our starting coffin is an elegant Richmond, flat lid coffin. 
Available in 3 different woods:
Rosewood, Maple or Teak

You can, of course, choose any one of our wide verity of coffins we offer and just pay the difference in price.


Jerusalem Death Shroud 

We adorn your loved one in their coffin with a Jerusalem death shroud. Purchased from the church in Jerusalem.


Icons and Crucifix 

We provide your loved one of an icon of your choosing, and gently place it in their hands once they're in their coffin. We also add a Crucifix to the lapel of your loved one, as well as 3 candles and incense.
We also can provide larger icons to be buried along with them upon request.



We have a strong working partnership with one of Melbourne's biggest and best florists, Grandiflora, this allows us access to stunning flowers and arrangements. 
We provide you with a book of options, and you're able to choose what you like up to $350.

You're welcome to spend above, and we just subtract the $350 from the final flower bill.


Grave Side Service

We provide the wheat, wine and oil required for the grave side service. 
Service is conducted by the priest or celebrant.


Priest/Celebrant/Church Fees

We provide up to $900 in fees to the church and Priest. Alternatively, we arrange for a celebrant and Chapel hire. 
Don't be caught out by other funeral directors that will not disclose this payment, as you could be left to pay for it separately from their fees.


Professional Services Fees

This is the payment allows us to keep our operations going and maintain our staff.  


Trisagion / Viewing / Rosary

We arrange and transport your loved one to and from the church or chapel the night before the service. We arrange traditional sermon to be conducted. 
This is optional of course.


Transport of your loved one into our care 

We arrange pick up of your loved one from anywhere they may be; be it the hospital, home, aged care facility coroner or the airport. 

We cover pick up within 2 hours of the Melbourne CBD. Beyond that will be by additional hour beyond 2 hours. 


Professional and Registered A.I.E. Mortuary Care

This includes basic monetary needs: washing, cleaning, dressing and preparation of your loved one. 
We offer embalming services as well for additional charge.

Embalming is not needed in most situations.


30 Red, White or Mixed Tribute Roses 

We include 30 white or red or mixed tribute roses for the tomb (grave site). This is worth $240. 

Additional flowers can be ordered at an additional cost as well. 


Funeral Notices 

Included are funeral notices in the: 

Neos Kosmos and Ta Nea in one edition each. 

Additional notices can be put in which ever publication of your choice, and prices are passed on at cost. 


Death Certificates and Paperwork 

We provide you with all paperwork vital to your loved one.
The current turn around on death certificates is approx 2 weeks, but we will keep you posted if it pushes beyond that. 


Pass By The Family Home

We provide a pass by the family home upon request before the service.

Let's Work Together

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